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Give your child the gift of learning with Kids 'R' Kids . . .

The heart of our curriculum is love. Love, along with a deep understanding of the individual educational and emotional needs of each child, sets the Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum apart.


The Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum Experience at Every Age

As your child continues to grow, our curriculum grows with him. At every stage of your child's journey, Kids 'R' Kids develops new and challenging ways to open his mind and expand his imagination. Our foundation of love and trust is accompanied every step of the way by our teachers, parents, and your child`s peers.

Throughout each age group, your child will discover the joy and excitement of learning science, math, language, literature, drama, music, and art. The Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum presents a variety of educational activities and theme-based units for every age group.


Developmentally-appropriate classrooms:

Infants 6 weeks through 12 months - The Infant Bigs Steps Curriculum takes into account that development and learning begin prenatally and continue throughout life.  The young infants are immersed in curriculum that invites and promotes multiple opportunities for motor and sensory activities.  Their cognitive skills are developed through planned activities that invite them to interact with the environment to demonstrate eagerness and curiosity, persistence, creativity and problem-solving.  Literacy and language development are nurtured.  Visit our Infant Program Page to find how we are meeting the cognitive, physical, and emotional needs of each infant.

Toddlers 12 months through 24 months - The Toddler Big Steps Curriculum continues to build on the big steps taken during infancy.  Toddlers bound into an environment that invites interaction with play materials and organized play spaces.  Quality teachers provide daily meaningful experiences to support and increase the fast pace at which toddlers grow and develop.  They experience literacy through sign language, books, puppet play, music, singing , games, and much conversation with peers and adults.  Their cognitive skills blossom with many activities designed to unleash their already inquisitive and creative nature.  The Toddler Big Steps Curriculum playfully and lovingly provides the supporting framework for toddlers' growth and development.  Visit our Toddler Program Page to learn how we address the needs of your toddler.

Preschool and VPK Ages 2 through 5 - All subject areas are covered in the Fast Track Curriculum so preschoolers and Pre-Kindergarteners experience language arts, science, math, social studies, health and physical education.  They participate in whole-group, teacher-directed, skills-building learning experiences.  Then they break out to experience and further define those skills during independent, child-led learning station activities.  Learn more about our standards driven activities that address the whole child by visiting our Preschool Program Page and Pre-K Program Page.

School Age 5 through 12 year olds - The G.Y.M. Curriculum (Growing Young Minds) provides learning activities in all subject areas through an activity card system designed to be used in one of eight zones.  An abundance of activities are created and written on large index cards so students can self-select activities, proceed to the appropriate zone, and work independently, with partners, or in small groups.  Quality teachers constantly interact with the students, assisting with homework, supporting their achievements, challenging their thinking, and nourishing their minds and bodies with knowledge and healthy snacks.  Learn more about how children in our program stay busy and stimulated with a wide range of weekly planned, child-directed activities by visiting our Before/After School Program Page.

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